Top prizes available in competitions

There are a wide range of prizes available to be won in online competitions, including cars, luxury holidays and cash. Many of the prizes on offer through free online competitions aren’t life-changing, but you might be surprised to learn just how many opportunities there are to win once-in-a-lifetime experiences as well as prizes that could significantly transform your everyday life. Take a look at our big prizes page for a selection prizes available worth more than £5,000.

Enter free competitions with high-value cash prizes

Although there are generally fewer high-value cash prize competitions around, that certainly doesn’t mean there aren’t significant sums of money out there available to be won. Cash only competitions often attract a significant number of entrants, which will reduce your chances of winning.

Many national TV networks including ITV and Channel 5 run impressive competitions. These include cash prizes alongside brand new cars and luxury holidays. The value of these prize bundles often exceeds £10,000 and is not unusual for them to reach over £70,000.

Benefit from big wins by entering free competitions for luxury holidays

Companies know that competitions for luxury holidays are extremely popular. As such, you probably won’t struggle to find exciting things to enter. Holiday competitions often include plenty of spending money to enjoy at your destination, ensuring that you can enjoy every second of your luxury getaway.

Look out for long breaks to dream destinations. Find prizes to Costa Rica or Las Vegas, and cruises that will take you on a memorable journey through several different countries and iconic destinations.

Items and experiences prizes

From kitted out special edition camping vehicles worth more than £20,000 to holiday homes worth over £40,000! You can even find brand new family cars with price tags that exceed £10,000, there are myriad life-changing items and experiences up for grabs through online competitions.

Cars and gadgets can be significant purchases for many of us. If you’re lucky enough to win an online competition you will get all the benefits with none of the expense. Vehicles often come with free tax and insurance for a period of time, further increasing the prize value.

Take note of all added extras

It is also always worth reading the fine print of every competition you enter. Particularly because you may discover extra things on offer that will come with the primary headline-grabbing prize. The value of these additional prizes often quickly adds up, making entering competitions even more worthwhile.

So, whether you are a frequent comper looking to immerse yourself in the world of online competitions for the very first time, or are simply looking for a one-stop place to find all the very best high-value prizes on offer, you have come to the right place! Find and enter competitions online today at Competition Finder!