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How to win online competitions

Whilst we wish we could give you an exact science to this question. Unfortunately almost all online competitions are chance based. This means that you have an equal chance of winning as everyone else. Your chances of winning increase with the more competitions you enter. So if you want to win, enter all of the competitions consistently and so statistically – you’ll be more likely to win!

Who is Competition Finder?

You can find out a bit more on our About Us page. We are a website designed to simply and easily display all online competitions in one place. We are lucky enough to have won multiple holidays but found it tricky to explain the art of comping to others so decided to create Competition Finder. We aim to list all genuine competitions in one place. However, as we only list promoters and do not fulfil the majority of competitions listed, we cannot guarantee the legitimacy of all competitions so be careful to read the terms for each competition and enter each competition at your own discretion.

How to find online competitions

You can find and enter genuine online competitions easily with Competition Finder. We do the hard work of finding the latest competitions so you can easily spend your time entering them. We spend our time researching and finding all of the details you need and giving you a direct link to the pages you need to enter. We also show all of the great social media competitions on our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages so don’t forget to follow us there too!

Do you need to read the T&C’s of competitions?

Yes! Competition Finder links directly to competitions listed on promoters websites. These competitions are not under the control of Competition Finder so you should always read both the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies of the promoter to ensure you understand and comply with the competition. Each competition is different so be sure to check.

Where can you enter to win competitions

You can find hundreds of free online competitions on Competition Finder, you can also follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook where we regularly share social media competitions to enter too. Plus, take a look at our latest blog posts which gives a few hints on other websites which you can join to find even more online competitions.

What competitions have the best odds

Generally, the smaller prizes have less entrants. A holiday to the Maldives is most likely to have more entrants than a free beauty product. But if the competitions are free you can enter them all. You will also find that competitions to local attractions are likely to have less entrants. Also any competition with effort involved such as writing a short story can mean its no longer chance based so if you are a wordsmith your chances could skyrocket! Social media competitions and any competitions which are only live for a short period of time also encourage less entrants which means more chances of winning!

Why do companies run free competitions?

There are a number of reasons, but to name a few

1- it’s often cheaper advertising, it’s not uncommon for brands to consistently run competitions knowing that it entices customers back to their websites repeatedly.

2 – for customers information and research, travel brands often give away holidays in return for newsletter sign-ups knowing these customers are interested in travel.

3 – for brand awareness, some small brands don’t have the budgets to run marketing campaigns that cost hundreds of thousands of pounds but by running competitions they can reach a large amount of potential customers and raise awareness of their products and brands.

How can I add a competition I’ve found?

Please send any competitions you think should be listed to You can also “Add a Competition” where all posts will be sent for review to ensure we continue to post only competitions which we believe are genuine and not duplicates to any we already have listed. All competitions which meet the requirements are uploaded within 24hours.

Are online competitions on the decline?

Some people say – Compared to 10 years ago there are fewer competitions around. But we believe this goes hand in hand with the regulation and consumer behaviours. Promoters provide competitions as part of their businesses and therefore competitions need to be beneficial to the promoter as well as the entrants.

At Competition Finder we always try to buy from brands who run competitions, as we understand that the more profit and more benefit they receive from running competitions – the more likely they are to create more!

Should I sign up to newsletters with promoters?

Many other forums and posts will advise you to never subscribe to marketing / newsletters from promoters if you don’t have to. However, we believe that the promoters of the competitions will see more value if they receive customers signing up to their marketing. At Competition Finder, we sign up if we are interested in the brand or products. Many of the brands offering competitions have amazing products which we would have never known about, and often they promote competitions just for their mailing lists! Whilst we aren’t suggesting you should sign up to every newsletter, if its a brand or product which interests you then it benefits all parties if you do!

Can promoters still run competitions with GDPR?

Yes, they just need to be clear what you are signing up to and where your data could be passed. We aim to only list promoter competitions on our website and not data collector sites. They will list terms on what you must do to enter the prize draw and should also list a privacy notice which will detail who has access to your data when you enter. GDPR was bought in to protect and ensure that consumers had awareness of their data.

Will everyone have my data if I enter online competitions?

This is dependant on what you agree to. Competition Finder aims to never list Data Collection competitions – these are competitions which are featured across hundreds of websites and so your chances of winning are extremely slim and your data is passed onto companies. We only list promoters who we believe are genuine, you can decide on whether to agree to how your data is stored and who may have access in each of their privacy notices. It’s worth noting that Social Media competitions can be more suitable for some people as they don’t often take any personal details and just require a “like” or “share”.

How do you avoid scam competitions?

When you’ve been entering competitions for a while you will start to notice the regular data collection or spam competitions. Although they have genuine prizes, the chances of winning are slim and your data is often passed on to multiple companies. We’ve collated a list of all the companies to avoid here. We don’t list any of these competitions on Competition Finder.

How do you find genuine competitions?

Competition Finder aims to only list genuine competitions which we would be confident to enter ourselves. So you can use us as a trusted resource to find genuine free online competitions.

What makes entering competitions easier?

Entering hundreds of free online competitions can be tiresome. Always ensure you have auto fill on your browser – this will mean that you won’t have to manually complete as many of the fields so creates a smarter, faster way to enter! It’s also important to have a system, either noting down which comps you’ve entered, or making a note of the last one so you know where to pick back up from. You don’t want to waste time or invalidate entries by entering more than once.

What are the different types of competitions?

There are many different types. But we split them into : Standard online forms, paid competitions, effort competitions, voting and nomination competitions and social media competitions. Some people have preferences on the types they enter, but we like to list them all so you can decide which ones to enter!

What can I win with online competitions?

You can find competitions for almost everything, from cash prizes, holidays and UK breaks to garden sheds and food hampers. We have seen all types of competitions online! We have split our categories into : Holidays, Cash, Items, Experiences and Other

Can you advertise with Competition Finder?

Yes, we offer a number of different advertising opportunities, please contact for more information.

Where can I find more information about Comping?

Head over to our blog posts where we have information on the chances of winning, great websites to use and much more!

You can find even more comping tips and information on Di Coke’s SuperLucky website.

How do I contact Competition Finder?

For any questions you can contact us at