Reach new customers with a low-cost and simple marketing channel

Running online competitions is a common and popular way for brands to advertise their products and generate customers interest. Giveaways can be used to reach targets such as replenishing mailing lists post GDPR and gaining new social media followers. Contest marketing is one of the easiest, cost effective but under utilised channels. If you’re looking to reward existing customers or need help reaching new ones then online competitions could be your answer.

Contest Marketing with Competition Finder

By giving away prizes aligned to your audience you can predetermine that entrants will have an interest in the products you sell. Whilst increasing awareness and improving engagement with your brand.

For example, a retailer might give away the product they sell, or a voucher towards a purchase. A luxury hotel could give away a new holdall for the winners next trip away or a landscape gardener could run a competition for a selection of plants or luxury garden furniture.

You can run competitions as a valuable research tool: to ask for comments, photos or feedback in order to enter. Or to simply join your mailing list. It’s important that you outline your goals and tailor the prize and the entry route to suit your targets. We are experts at this and can help if you are unsure.

At Competition Finder, we offer you a unique platform to allow you to engage with even more entrants and future customers. To make it even easier, we can also host and run your competitions for you if your internal resource is limited or running competitions is new to your organisation.

Benefits of running competitions

  • Raise your brand awareness
  • Re-engaging with your existing customers
  • Attracting new visitors to your website or social media pages
  • Collect valuable data and insights from your target audience
  • Cost effective as you decide on the prize

Who Is Competition Finder?

First and foremost, we are compers at heart. After years of successfully entering and winning online competitions, we set out to create an entirely customer focused, simple to use website which lists only genuine online competitions.

We have established a website which steps away from forum-based listings and never includes spam or data collector giveaways, so our users trust Competition Finder and enter competitions with confidence.  We offer a directory where brands can list competitions for thousands of potential new customers to find.

As a valued resource for users online, listing your competitions on Competition Finder enables you to reach engaged audiences you might never have been able to contact without limitless budgets.

You can list any genuine online competitions with Competition Finder or select one of our media packages to promote your brand and maximise your entrants

We have hundreds of thousands of page views each month and exclusive rates start from just £50 per week for selected placements.

Our audience

We cover a wide range of audiences which makes us the ideal partner for many brands across most business verticals. Our user base covers the whole of the UK, and all age ranges (18+).

Users spend on average nearly 10 minutes on Competition Finder per session and the majority of our users are repeat visitors, providing your brand with a captive and engaged audience.

Entrants and engagement levels vary by prize and entry method. Naturally the larger the prize, the higher propensity for entrants. However, topical or highly targeted giveaways can have just as much success! We want to help brands reach targets and understand the value of contest marketing so that it becomes a key driver within your overall marketing strategy.

Advertising Opportunities

Get your brand and your giveaway in front of thousands of potential entrants today!

At Competition Finder we have a number of platforms to help you promote your competitions and your products.

We have different placements available for competitions across our website, social media and email communications. Including but not limited to:

  • Featured Competitions
  • Page sponsorship
  • Sponsored Social media posts
  • Email newsletter placements

Dependant on what you are trying to achieve, we can recommend the best placements for your competition and budget.

If you don’t have a competition running, but want to promote your brand to our user base, there are also advertising placements and sponsorship options available.

We also offer a limited number of collaborative giveaways each year for more detail then please get in touch.

We only work with, or list competitions which meet our eligibility criteria as a genuine brands and giveaways.

Get in touch

To find out more about us, contest marketing or to book any of our placements, contact Competition Finder today.

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