Trying to Stop Online Shopping? Enter Competitions Instead

Most people were familiar with online shopping long before lockdown. Whether we were getting our groceries delivered to save the slog of going to the supermarket, enjoying the ability to get fashion and beauty delivered to our door, or indulging in the latest tech, online shopping was convenient and even fun. In today’s world of lockdown and self-isolation, online shopping has become more of a necessity. However, for some, it’s becoming a hobby, and an expensive one at that. If that sounds like you, maybe you should consider swapping online shopping and enter competitions.

Spending time comping instead of hitting the virtual high street will give some relief to your bank account and may even boost it. You may even win some of the goodies you were poring over in the online shops for free.

Enter Competitions as a Hobby

We’ve all entered a competition or two at some point but not many people realise that comping, or to enter competitions as a hobby, can be quite lucrative. It can also be very rewarding emotionally. After all, what better way to brighten up your mood than to receive an email telling you that you’ve won free stuff?

There are so many competitions available online that there are bound to be competitions with prizes that appeal to every individual. The more competitions you enter, the higher your chances of winning something. Of course, while you are spending your time entering competitions you can’t be spending your money on new purchases. Win, win!

Boredom and Stress Encourage Mindless Spending

A lot of us are in a bit of a strange place at the moment. We’re being encouraged to stay at home and amuse ourselves for long periods of time without being able to socialise in-person. For some of us, work has also reduced or dried up completely, so it has become ever more important to control and reduce our spending.

Psychologically, online shopping is an easy stress reliever. Whether we are currently concerned about money or not, we are all undeniably in uncharted waters and it would be unusual if we weren’t stressed about the future, to some extent at least. Online shopping provides a way to pass some time and feed our dreams with our purchases.

Why not swap out the drain-on-the-purse shopping activity with an alternative absorbing and potentially stress-relieving hobby in the form of comping. You may even win a cash prize and boost your bank balance instead of depleting it.

Win Free Stuff Online Instead of Buying it Online

Whether you spend your time trawling beauty websites and designer clothes outlets, or your online shopping consists of more practical purchases, almost everything you can buy is available online in the form of a prize at some point. There are also cash prizes up for grabs.

Just imagine what it would be like to get your weekly shop for free. Or perhaps you could win a new piece of furniture to give a room a new focus. You could even win a whole new wardrobe.

Whatever your preference in prizes, there are certain to be options. Comping is a hobby that is easily adaptable to your life circumstances. It can be done on a laptop, a tablet or on a mobile phone. You can spend as long as you like or just dip in and out. Best of all, you could win amazing prizes.

Find and enter Competitions with Competition Finder today!

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