The best ways to enter competitions and where can I enter online competitions?

There are incredible online competitions out there, with the potential to win life-changing prizes such as cash, cars and holidays. Other competitions are smaller with prizes of all types, such as books, jewellery, chocolate and other consumables. The trick is knowing which competitions to enter that you would be most likely to win.

Online competitions to win prizes

An important point to accept before starting on your competition journey is that you won’t always win. This may seem obvious but it is vital to manage your expectations. Competitions can be fun to enter and so exciting if you do win but winning cannot be guaranteed.

Free competitions are ideal. Proceed with caution if considering a competition where you are required to pay a fee to enter. If you enjoy entering online competitions, that’s great but always remember to only enter those with prizes you actually want.

In general online competitions through websites can have bigger prizes. These are the ones to focus on if you are looking for big wins. However, be aware they also tend to be more popular so the possibility that you will win free stuff is smaller.

Social media competitions

Another avenue to explore to win prizes online is social media. There are many free competitions available on channels such as our Instagram page. The prizes tend to be smaller but there are often fewer entries. It is sometimes possible to see how many entries from the likes, for example, so can assess your own chances of winning.

Another advantage to social media competitions is the speed. They normally require less information than website competitions. Often they just require a like or comment on the post to enter whereas online competitions normally need some personal information so they can contact you if you win.

Whether it’s a website or social media competition, if it requires more work then there will probably be fewer entries. For example, if the competition asks for a poem or photo, less people will submit entries. If it is a prize you would love, then consider doing a bit more work for a better chance to win.

Some brands will often run competitions on their social media channels. If there is a particular product you like then make sure you follow them and keep checking.

Maximise your chances to win free competitions

There are lots of websites and tools online to assist you in your quest to win free stuff. Some websites collate lists of competitions, including help with any questions that need answering. There are also tools to help speed up entering your details if you are entering lots of competitions.

There are even tools to help complete tiebreakers or solve anagrams. This can be a huge help if you find yourself entering those competitions that require a little more work.

Entering competitions to win prizes online can be a really fun hobby. It is especially fun if you win but make sure you enjoy it anyway. Get entering and good luck! Find all the best Online competitions and Social media competitions with Competition Finder.