How to Find Competitions

It is possible to win money, the latest technology, luxury holidays or even costly home improvements in competitions. Of course, not all competition prizes are huge, but even winning vouchers towards the wardrobe for your next holiday or a free supply of your favourite toiletries can be a lovely surprise and help with the day-to-day budgeting. So, where are the best places to find competitions? With so many resources available to enter competitions, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Win prizes online through a competition directory

Competition directories can be a great resource in which to find a range of competitions in one place. In many cases, you can search by the type of competition that has prizes most attractive to you. Or you can find competitions with impending deadlines, ensuring that you don’t miss out.

Whilst competition directories can make it easy to find and enter competitions, some are better than others so it makes sense to use a resource you can trust to be reliable and comprehensive such as Competition Finder.

A directory can enable you to enter lots of competitions quickly as they are all listed in one place. The more competitions you enter, the higher your chances may be to win prizes.

Find Competitions on Social Media

If you are connected through social media, whether Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or others, it can be a good idea to follow companies which offer products in which you are interested. For example, if you would like to win a holiday, follow travel specialists that offer your ideal trip. You should then be notified of any competitions being run by those firms.

Remember that not only large companies hold competitions. Quite often, small businesses will use competitions to help promote their business through social media. These smaller businesses often have fewer followers than large organisations. As such, if you enter competitions offered by lesser-known brands, you are likely to stand a higher chance of winning.

Use the search facility within the social media apps or platforms to look for companies offering products that interest you. Perhaps you have a pet for whom you would love to win treats or food, or maybe you have an interest in bespoke artwork or even hand-made toiletries. Companies of these types tend to have a strong presence within social media and quite often run competitions.

Remember, if you are entering a competition through social media, you will need to check the competition rules and requirements. Some competitions may have restrictions for entry. You can also follow Competition Finder on our social media pages where we have all the latest social media competitions listed in one place!

Company websites

If you are a fan of a particular brand or organisation, find their website and check it to see if they are running any competitions. You may be able to sign up to receive a regular newsletter and this will usually ensure that you will be notified of any competitions available.

Competitions are a cost-effective way for companies and brands to keep their target market engaged. They hope that by running a competition from time to time, entrants will remember them when they are next shopping for whatever product they offer. This can help them in highly competitive markets. Holiday companies are a classic example of the type of organisation for which competitions are a valuable promotional tool.