Find Out How To Win Competitions

We have all heard stories of people who have won amazing holidays, new kitchens or life-changing sums of money in competitions. But how do they win competitions? Are they just lucky or is there more to it than that? With a little planning and application, you can increase your chances of winning.

There are literally thousands of competitions running throughout the UK at any one time and prizes can vary from cars, holidays and large sums of cash to white goods, bedroom furniture and household essentials.

Be In It to Win Competitions

Whilst there are no guarantees with competitions, one golden rule is that if you don’t enter you can’t win. There are lots of free competitions available at any one time.

If you are systematic in your approach and enter a number of competitions on a regular basis, you will increase your chance of winning prizes.

People who regularly enter competitions are known as compers. They treat entering competitions as a hobby and because they do it regularly, they are far more likely to win prizes.

Free Competitions

Most competitions are free to enter. They require just a little of your time. In many cases, you will just need to provide contact details to be entered into a competition. Sometimes you will be required to answer a couple of questions. These are usually easy, and the answers are often found in the competition text or on the company website.

In some cases, you may need to come up with a tagline or upload a photo. Whilst these competitions require a little extra effort, they will generally have fewer entrants. This means that entering this type of competition could increase your chances of winning a major prize. It is not unheard of for a competition to have only one entrant – meaning that person is guaranteed to be a winner!

Making it Work for You

Some people like to set aside specific times every day which they dedicate to entering competitions. This could be before work, or perhaps when you get home and sit down with a cup of tea.

An alternative is to use your spare minutes in the day. Instead of scrolling through social media or watching videos on your phone, you could be entering competitions and increasing your chances of winning a prize. You could be entering competitions while you are waiting for the train, on a break or in the few minutes before your favourite programme comes on in the evening.

Getting Organised Will Help You Win Competitions

There are several options to make it easier and quicker to enter competitions. You could use Autofill when completing forms. You can also save your details in a draft email for competitions that require email entry.

Some competitions will disqualify you if you enter more than once. If you are entering competitions regularly, it can be all too easy to forget which you have entered. Consider tracking or listing competitions you have entered in a spreadsheet or a simple document to ensure that you don’t enter twice by mistake. This will also help you to keep track of any prizes you win!

Remember to check your email regularly. It is quite common that you will be advised of a win by email and you may need to respond quickly in order to claim your prize.

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