Competition Websites to Use and Those to Avoid

Online competitions can be very attractive. Who wouldn’t want to win prizes quickly and easily from the comfort of your home? You can even enter competitions online during your daily commute on the bus or perhaps during a coffee break. There are a huge range of prizes available on competition websites. You can win cosmetics, gardening products, meals and clothes. You can even win large cash sums, luxury holidays or cars.

In searching for online competitions, you could go to all your favourite shopping and product sites and check them regularly to see if they are running competitions. However, this would be really time-consuming and you could miss out on discovering new and exciting brands. A much better way to find competitions is to use competition websites.

It is important to be careful when choosing a competitions website. Here we look at what you should expect from good competitions sites and what to avoid.

What Makes a Good Online Competition Websites?

A good competitions website should offer the following:

– Up-to-date competitions listings. There is nothing more frustrating when comping than going to enter a competition only to find out that the last entry date has passed.

– Ease of filtering and sorting so that you can easily find the types of competition you want to enter. This will save you a lot of time. Perhaps you are only interested in cash prizes or holidays, or maybe you have a specific hobby that you want to enhance through prize wins.

– A clear guide on how to use the site, for example, how to sort in chronological order so that you can find competitions that are finishing soon easily or how to search for a competition by a particular organisation or for a particular prize.

– The option to sign up for customised updates.

– Competitions from both larger corporations and media outlets as well as smaller and more local organisations.

We also love the following websites and apps for finding even more genuine competitions:

Phone networks – O2, Vodaphone, EE, Three all regularly post amazing competitions in their member sections. So always check your account area or their member sites for competitions.

Newspapers – if you read the Mail – you can use the unique codes from the newspaper to enter prizes on MyMail  The Telegraph, Guardian and Sun also all offer regular competitions on their websites.

What Types of Competition Websites Should be Avoided to Win Prizes Online?

– Websites whose primary purpose is data collection. The competitions on these websites will be genuine but are like to be heavily promoted across lots of websites and will attract many thousands of entries. This will reduce the overall opportunity to win prizes. While these websites may appear to be a competitions website and do function as such, their main purpose will be to collect your personal data for the purposes of selling it on to third parties.

– Websites which demand a fee for entering a competition or draw. While there are certainly genuine competitions which have an entry fee, it isn’t always necessary. With the wealth of competitions available for free, there really is no need to spend money on entering competitions. There will be no guarantee of winning because you pay a fee to enter. It also stops being a profitable and free hobby if you start paying to enter competitions regularly.

However, if you have the financial means and want to pay to enter competitions – the following websites are genuine and offer some incredible prizes:

BOTB – Dream car and lifestyle competition company 

Omaze – USA based – Meet a celebrity, win a trip, or get in on luxury car

– Sites which generate spam. While these competition and survey sites do have genuine competitions, the chances of winning are generally quite low. However, boxes that you will be encouraged to tick when entering will generate junk mail, spam emails and even hard sales calls. You can often spot these if you are asked to answer a number of questions after entry about other companies or products. We’ve listed some of the common websites/promoters listed below.

Websites We Personally Avoid Include:

  • Testers Keepers
  • YouSweeps
  • National Consumer Review
  • Quiztionnaire
  • Get Test Keep
  • Surfeyo
  • Alphalam

We only list competitions we believe are genuine on Competition Finder and won’t list any which we feel might compromise your data. To find and enter genuine competitions – visit Competition Finder!

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