Why Consistency is Key in Comping

Whether you are an experienced comper or you are new to the comping game, there is no doubt that the key to being successful in online competitions is consistency. It’s simple logic! The more you enter competitions, the more you increase your chances of winning some awesome prizes.

If you are new to the comping scene, the huge variety of competitions on offer. This is particularly the case with both online and social media competitions. It can be a little daunting and so you may find that you are more comfortable only entering one competition at a time. Of course, that is absolutely fine, especially if you consider yourself a casual comper. However, if you want to really increase your chances to win prizes then consistent comping is a necessity. After all who doesn’t want to win free stuff?

There are a few different tips that you can utilise when considering more consistent comping so let’s take a look.

Keep Your Eye On The Comping Prize

If you have a certain prize in mind when entering free competitions, then make sure you focus on it. This can be anything, from a games console to a holiday or even something simple like some luxury kitchenware, toiletries or food products.
Once you have your goal in mind, consistently enter the appropriate competitions. This will increase your chances of eventually obtaining that prize that you are aiming for!

Staying organised helps to keep on track of the comps that you have entered already. It also keeps you focused on the prizes you want to get your hands on. Regular comping can easily become overwhelming to keep track of, so remember to utilise those organisational skills!

Don’t Comp Alone to Win Prizes

Another great way to manage consistent comping is to not comp alone. If you find a group of friends to engage in comping with, you can manage the various online competitions that you enter together. If you find it hard to remember which ones you’ve entered, having friends who are also engaging can help you out.

To find some fellow compers with the same goal of winning free stuff, try checking our Instagram page.

Prepare Yourself

It’s important to prepare yourself for an influx of emails when you start consistently comping. Keep track of what online competitions you have signed up for otherwise things will get super confusing very quickly. Organise your email inbox accordingly to ensure that important details do not get lost. If you don’t keep things neat and tidy, you could end up losing track of an email with the details of your winnings! Consider creating a folder in your inbox specifically for the online competitions that you enter. Some people even have a separate email address – but you have to check this regularly.

Consistently Comping Will Aid You in Winning Free Competitions!

There are many ways to keep track of all the information when you start consistently comping but what you need to remember is that the more consistent you become, the more likely you are to win. Keep entering and you are sure to win prizes eventually! Why not explore our site for relevant competitions and to discover lots of functionality to help you stay ahead of the game.