Restock your Wardrobe by Entering Competitions

Life has been a little strange lately for everyone. For those who are usually out and about, going to work, meeting friends and visiting family, it has all been quite an adjustment period. Many of us have swapped the daily commute for a swift dash down the stairs in the morning. For some of us, our daily step counts, even with our permitted exercise, have dropped through the floor. Another side effect of working at home in lockdown has been that the working day finishes earlier. The temptation to reach for a glass of wine, or two, along with some snacks has been almost irresistible. Or some of us have taken to upping home workouts in a bid to pass the time. Another way to pass the time, and win amazing prizes is entering competitions.

Entering competitions to win a new wardrobe

Even if your current wardrobe is perfectly adequate, it’s never a bad thing to add to it. After all, it was a different season when we went into lockdown.

However, new wardrobes cost money. Especially new wardrobes that consist of the latest trends and are, ideally, by the nicest stores and designers. Why not use some of that spare time you have gained by not having to commute to enter competitions to win a new wardrobe?

Competitions for all tastes

With a wide range of competitions available, it is easy to find some that offer prizes suiting your individual style.

In some cases, you will find that the prize is vouchers for a particular brand or retailer. So if you win, you can choose from their entire range.

Other competitions will offer the opportunity to win a specific piece or items from a particular collection. This is more likely if the competition is being run by a high-end brand or if a large retailer is showcasing a new brand.

How to comp sensibly

As with everything online, it makes sense to safeguard yourself. Reputable competition websites will take measures to check that competitions advertised on their sites are genuine.

In many cases, however, when entering competitions, it is necessary to click through to the competition provider’s site so do take the usual precautions to ensure that everything is as it should be.

Things to check can include making sure that there are terms and conditions, which will include a deadline for entries, when the draw will take place and how winners will be notified. It is also usual for terms and conditions to specify if there are exclusions to those eligible to enter a competition.

Also, check the site on which the competition is hosted. If a competition is being run by a major retailer, for example, you would usually expect the competition to be hosted on their site and to be able to navigate to other areas of the site from the competition page.

Find genuine competitions and win amazing prizes with Competition Finder today.