New Years Resolutions to Spend Less and Try to Win Competitions

As usual, the festive season has been and gone in what seems like a blur and we find ourselves in another brand-new year. Despite all of our best intentions, money just doesn’t seem to go as far over the holiday season as it does the rest of the year. This means January can be a month of staying in and counting the pennies. If you are like most people, you may have made one or more New Years resolutions. If not, it’s never too late to make one and what better resolution to make if you are feeling the impact of recent spending than to resolve to spend less? Combine that with another resolution to try to win competitions and you can look forward to the remainder of the year with excitement and anticipation.

Win Prizes in Online Competitions

No doubt if you are trying to spend less, you will be staying in a bit more to save money on trips, meals out and socialising. If you combine your extra time at home with entering free online competitions, you will also be on your way to keeping your resolution of winning more. As the old saying goes, you need to be in it to win it!

There are so many types of competition available. You could win meals out, day trips for you and your family or friends and even cash, giving you the ultimate flexibility. You could even start dreaming of the summer by entering holiday competitions. Just imagine how wonderful it would be if you could win your summer holiday for free.

How to Win

Of course, there is no guarantee that you will win, but you can certainly increase your chances. Here are just some of the ways you can try to win competitions:

1. Enter lots of competitions. This may sound obvious, but the more competitions you enter the greater your chances of winning a prize.

2. Be systematic in your approach. With the huge number of competitions available, it is easy to just dive in and start entering the first ones you see. However, you can disqualify yourself if you enter twice so you need to make sure that you avoid doing that.

3. Use a good online competitions site. A site which makes it easy to see available competitions and end dates for entry makes things much easier. That way you can be sure you get your entry in before the competition is closed. A good site will also help you to look for exactly the sort of competitions you want. For example, you can search for just holiday competitions if you prefer. Be careful though, many websites list spam competitions – so use a trusted resource like Competition Finder.

4. Remember to check your emails. If you are entering a lot of competitions, you may find it is worthwhile setting up a separate email address that you use just for competitions. If you do this, remember to check it regularly, including the spam folder. Sometimes when prizes are awarded, you will receive an email which requires you to act before you receive the prize. If you fail to take the required action you could lose out.

5. Enter competitions that require a little extra effort. Competitions that need you to do something other than just provide your contact information will generally have fewer entrants. Search out these competitions and you will increase your chances of winning.