Continue To Be A Comper After Lockdown

There’s no denying that lockdown has meant changes for everyone. Whether you have been one of the key workers venturing out on quiet streets to help support the nation, or whether you have been one of those keeping safe at home, we have all experienced a period like no other before. We are now entering a new phase as lockdown has starting to be lifted. Although many must still keep themselves and their loved ones shielded, some children are going back to school, various businesses are reopening and there is a feeling that maybe, we have turned a corner. Many of us have found ourselves entering online competitions during this period and here’s why you should continue to be a “comper” after lockdown!

A New or Old Comper

The number of people who count themselves as a comper, or those who enter competitions as a hobby, has grown through the recent period. Whilst those who used to comp once in a while found time to make it a regular pastime, others only recently discovered how rewarding and exciting comping can be during lockdown. At Competition Finder we have seen an over 250% increase in the number of people entering competitions during UK lockdown.

Regardless as to whether you are new to comping or not, you may now be wondering whether you will continue to comp as much, or even at all, as life starts to revert back to some sort of normal. There’s a really good reasons why you should!

More Free Competitions

It has been a really tough time for businesses. We have seen household names who were just about managing to keep their heads above water falter and fall during the recent lockdown. It’s not surprising that we have also seen small and medium-sized businesses struggle too.

With retail reopening and lockdown easing, businesses are starting to work out what their new normal will look like. They will all be keen to ensure that they retain, or increase, their slice of whatever market is available.

One way in which businesses, including retail, will signal that they are up and running will be through free competitions. What better way to attract customers, old and new, to your product or service? Running competitions for businesses can be a relatively cheap marketing strategy to gain brand awareness and new customers.

More Prizes and More Variety

With the retail sector having to examine how and indeed whether it can operate safely from various types of premises, there is increased reliance on online trading for all types of retail. Retailers are aware that some customers have been buying online because they had no other choice but some prefer to visit a physical store if they can. Because of this, retailers are looking at how best to attract and retain online custom.

One way in which retailers are seeking to retain online custom is to hold competitions on their websites. To win the battle to attract and retain customers, they must first ensure that the potential customers are directed to their website. What better way to do that than to advertise a competition with a great prize? The theory goes that once you are on the website, you may take a look around and spot something you fancy. Who knows? You might indeed! We know many compers choose to shop with brands who regularly run competitions as they become familiar with their products over time.

Competitions for Every Comper

You may have decided you want or need a new wardrobe. Perhaps you need a decent pair of running shoes to go with your new jogging hobby. Maybe you simply want to indulge the interior design fantasies you have been having since seeing a lot more of your own four walls than previously. Whatever your whim, there will be a competition with a prize that suits.

With more brands now being back up and running we are seeing more amazing competitions every day. Now since the travel restrictions have started to be lifted we have also seen a huge increase in holiday competitions 

Whether you think of yourself as an avid comper or not, find and enter hundreds of amazing free prize draws on Competition Finder today!