Don’t Stop Entering Giveaways!

Comping, or the practice of entering competitions as a hobby, can be great fun. It’s possible to become totally absorbed in entering giveaways, especially if it is a new hobby. Like most things new, in the early days it is exciting and the possibilities seem endless.

However, as with any new hobby, life can get in the way and suddenly you realise that your competitions habit has lapsed. You tell yourself that you will get back to it soon and that it won’t make any difference to your chances of winning a prize. But here’s the thing – it will!

The Secret to Becoming A Winner is Entering Giveaways Regularly

The secret to being a successful competition winner is that you have to show up regularly. Almost all big or regular competition winners enter consistently. As the saying goes, you’ve got to be in it to win it.

Obviously there are things in life which have to take precedence over comping. Families need to be cared for, work needs to be completed and we need to maintain contact with our nearest and dearest, amongst other things. However, the advantage with a comping hobby is that it is so easy to fit in around our busy daily lives. Follow our quick guide to keep regular comping easy and increase your chance to win.

Easily Increase Your Chances to Win Free Stuff

1. Make it as easy as possible to enter competitions. At work our employers consistently go on efficiency drives because they know that doing things in a better way not only saves them money, but also saves them time. Don’t waste time trawling websites endlessly to see if various brands have competitions running. Instead look for competitions that will interest you on Competition Finder where you can access lots of competitions in one place.

2. Use your mobile phone’s web browser to access the competition site so that you can enter competitions at odd moments such as when you are making a cup of tea or waiting for a bus instead of having to be at your computer or laptop. Competitions are very easy to access and enter from most mobile phones.

3. Use auto-completion. Did you know there are lots of apps on the market which you can use to auto-complete competition forms? You may, of course, not want the app to hold anything too personal, but even being able to one-click your email address instead of typing it in over and over again can save a surprising amount of time. There are also settings within your phone and on Google Chrome that allows this to be saved and means you can enter most competitions in seconds!

4.Target how many competitions you would like to enter in a week. As with anything, if you set a schedule and a plan, suddenly it’s easy to do and you almost don’t notice it because it fits seamlessly into your life. Perhaps you take the bus to work. You could easily plan to enter maybe five competitions a day on your morning commute. Perhaps you regularly have a few minutes spare between meetings, or waiting for your children. You could even be entering giveaways before your favourite television programme starts or in ad breaks. Five minutes is easily enough to enter a competition, or maybe even two. It is all worthwhile when you might win a holiday, car or household items you need!

Remember, big prize winners or those that regularly win competitions will usually have one important thing in common. They enter competitions regularly and consistently. Who knows? If you do the same, you may just scoop that dream prize!