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Win a stay in a HomeAway holiday home worth £1,000

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Category: UK Breaks
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Expires: 26th June 2020

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Vote for Britain’s Most Family Friendly Destinations 2020!
Let Homeaway know which destination is your favourite and the most family friendly to be in with a chance of winning a stay in a HomeAway holiday home worth £1,000*.
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Competition Terms and Conditions

By participating in the Contest and clicking on the “I Accept” box, you express your consent to be governed
by these conditions (the “Terms and Conditions”). No purchase is necessary to participate in the Contest.
1. The responsible party and organizer of this Contest is HomeAway UK Limited (with the trade name
HomeAway “HomeAway”), a company with registered office at 25 Wilton Road, 5th Floor, London,
SW1V 1LW, United Kingdom.
2. Participants must be natural persons over 18 years of age and legally reside in the United Kingdom.
Employees and agents of HomeAway, or of any of its related companies or subsidiaries, and their
direct family members (that is, fathers, mothers, grandparents, spouses, siblings, children and
grandchildren) and any persons who live under the same roof (whether or not they are related), as
well as those who may be related in any other way to the operation or development of the Contest,
or participants who do not comply with these Terms and Conditions, may not participate in the
Contest. HomeAway reserves the right to require participants to demonstrate that they meet the
requirements for participation in the Contest. In the event that a winner does not meet the eligibility
requirements, HomeAway reserves the right to demand the return of any prize already awarded.
3. The Contest will begin at 9:00 a.m. (GMT) on the 9th of June 2020, and all entries must have been
received 9:00 a.m. on the deadline of the 26th of June 2020.
4. Participation in the Contest is free, no purchase is necessary. The panel of judges for the Contest
composed of employees of HomeAway and a representative of the agency Hotwire Public Relations
Limited will evaluate the originality of the responses as a scale to participate and win a prize. No
element of chance will come into play at any time. To participate, participants must vote for their most
“Family Friendly” destination in each of the categories or in the chosen categories and explain in
detail and with originality the reasons for their vote at the link
Participants must indicate their full name and email address in the corresponding section of the
Website (as defined below). They must also confirm their acceptance of the Contest Terms and
Conditions by checking the corresponding box (“I Accept”). Only those entries submitted through the
official entry method will be accepted.
5. The Contest will be advertised on a presentation page hosted on the
(the “Website”), accessible at The use
of scripts, macros or any automated system to participate in the Contest is prohibited, and those
entries made (or that appear to have been made) using any such system may be considered void.
Any incorrect, illegible, incomplete or fraudulent entries will be discarded. Participants may
participate in the Contest only once. Any additional entry will be considered void.
6. Participants in the Contest may qualify for a single prize: A stay with the winner’s family for a
maximum value of 1,000 GBP to spend on an accommodation advertised on (throughout the year 2020 (until 31 December 2020) as chosen by the
winner. The stay must occur before 31 December 2020.
The winner of the prize described above will be responsible for the payment of all associated costs
that are not specifically indicated in these Terms and Conditions, including (when applicable) meal
expenses, miscellaneous expenses, insurance and any costs related to their stay that are not costs
to be paid to the owner, reservation costs or costs related to the property that exceed the amount of
the prize described above, or any transportation costs and other unforeseen costs. The winner and
their guests will be responsible for obtaining valid passports and visas and, where appropriate, for
obtaining possible vaccines suitable for travel. The winner will also be personally responsible for any
personal or ancillary expense, as well as the payment of any applicable VAT, national or local taxes
that apply to obtaining or using the prize that are not expressly mentioned in these Terms and
Conditions. The prize will be the one indicated and will not be transferable or interchangeable. No
cash or any other alternative to the prize will be offered in whole or in part. By participating in the
Contest, the winner and their guests agree that the prize is awarded “as is” and that HomeAway, nor
any of its related companies or subsidiaries make any statements, or offer any guarantee of any kind
with respect to the prize. The accommodation will be subject to the usual booking conditions for the
Website and any conditions (including conditions related to damages) that may be imposed and
required by the respective owner.
7. The winner of the Contest will be an individual whose vote and response, which must be complete,
meets the eligibility requirements and must be submitted in a timely manner and in the appropriate
form, and demonstrates the greatest creativity and originality in the opinion of the judges. The winner
and a first alternate and second alternate will be selected on the 8th of July 2020 by a panel of judges
comprised of HomeAway employees and a representative of the agency Hotwire Public Relations
Limited, whose decision will be final.
8. The winner will be notified through the email address included in their entry and must respond to the
message sent by HomeAway to accept the prize within ten (10) calendar days. In the event that the
winner has not accepted their prize before that date, they will lose their right to claim the prize. The
alternates, in order, will replace the winner(s) in the event of incomplete, incorrect identification, a
failure to locate them, non-acceptance or non-compliance with the requirements in these Terms and
9. The winner may be able to exchange their prize until 31 December 2020 depending on the availability
of the property and in accordance with the conditions imposed by the respective owner. To redeem
the prize:
– The winner must contact the owner to check their availability and inform HomeAway through about the property chosen once said availability is confirmed.
– The winner must contact the respective owner, pay for the reservation and then send the
reservation confirmation, the corresponding invoice and proof of payment to the HomeAway
contact person so as to proceed with the refund. In the event that, for reasons beyond the
reasonable control of HomeAway and not related to the winner, HomeAway cannot award
any prize as described in these Terms and Conditions, HomeAway reserves the right to
award a prize of a similar nature and equivalent value, or the cash value of the prize.
10. By participating in the Contest, participants are agreeing that HomeAway will collect and process
their personal information and share it with HomeAway agents and related companies (including
those located outside the European Economic Area) in order to manage the Contest, and deliver the
prize and, if a participant has so consented, to send the participant marketing emails. In the event
that the participants do not provide any of the mandatory information requested to participate in the
Contest, these participants will not be eligible to receive the prize. The names of the participants and
other personal data obtained from their entry in the Contest will be collected and stored by
HomeAway and its related companies (including those located outside the European Economic Area)
and kept in accordance with the privacy policy applicable at all times (see
11. In the event of the occurrence of circumstances that are beyond the reasonable control of
HomeAway, HomeAway reserves the right to modify, cancel, terminate or suspend the Contest in
whole or in part, at its sole discretion, if it considers that it is not possible carry it out in accordance
with these Terms and Conditions or in the event of viruses, computer errors or unauthorized human
intervention or any other cause that may corrupt or affect the administration, security, impartiality or
normal development of the Contest. Neither HomeAway nor any of its subsidiaries or related
companies will be liable for any condition, circumstance, loss, failure or delay due to circumstances
beyond its control, including, among others, actions or omissions of any supplier hired by HomeAway
to deliver the prize or other circumstances that could alter or damage the Contest or result in any
loss or damage to the prize during its transmission to the winner.
12. Except in the event of negligence, HomeAway (and its related companies and subsidiaries)
(“Released Parties”) will not be liable for damages, losses or injuries resulting from the participation
of the participants in the Contest or their acceptance and/or use of any prize, or for technical,
hardware or software failures, loss or absence of Internet connection or defective connections, or for
difficulties of any kind that could limit or impede their ability to participate in the Contest. HomeAway
does not accept any responsibility for lost, damaged, altered, incomplete or illegible entries. Proof
of sending will not constitute proof of receipt of entries by HomeAway. Nothing in these Terms and
Conditions will limit HomeAway’s liability for death or personal injury caused by its negligence or
other acts in relation to which it is not legally possible to limit its liability. The winner and their guests
release the Released Parties from any liability, claim, demand and request that may arise from their
participation in this Contest, including, by way of example only, those accidents or unforeseen injuries
suffered as result of the prize awarded.
13. Anyone who participates or attempts to participate in the Contest in any way that is contrary to these
Terms and Conditions or that, based on its nature, is unfair to other participants (including but not
limited to manipulation of the operation of the Contest or through deception, acts of hacking, deceit
or any other unfair practice, such as the intention of disturbing, abusing, threatening or harassing
any other participant or HomeAway and/or any of its agents or representatives), may be prevented
from participating in the Contest. Likewise, when such actions have significantly affected the
Contest, HomeAway may, at its sole discretion, add more phases to the Contest, as it reasonably
deems necessary in order to resolve any problem that arises as a result of said actions.
14. These Conditions will be subject to English law. The courts of England and Wales will have exclusive
jurisdiction to settle any dispute or claim arising out of the Contest or these Terms and Conditions