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Saltee Skincare

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Category: Holidays, Items
Enter: Online
Expires: 15th July 2021

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Competition Description

This summer, Zannier Hotels and Saltee Skincare are organizing a special giveway campaign. The lucky winner will win a two-night stay at Zannier Hotels Bãi San Hô for two, and one years’ worth of Saltee between 2 people.

Competition Terms and Conditions

The company Zannier Hotels Holding, hereinafter referred to as “the Organiser”, a Private limited
company with headquarters located at 9th Floor, Ebene Tower 52, Cybercity, Ebene, Republic of
Mauritius, is organising a free competition with no obligation to purchase from 28.6.21 to 15.7.21
inclusive (hereinafter the “Competition”).
The Belgian law governs the Competition, the Website and the interpretation of these rules.
The Competition is accessible on the following website: (hereinafter the “Website”).
Registering for the Competition implies full and unconditional acceptance of and compliance with the
provisions of these terms and conditions, which can be accessed on the Website at the time of
registration and at any time during the Competition on the Website.
1. Competition registration conditions
The Competition is open to any individual worldwide with the exception of the Organiser’s members
of staff and members of staff of companies involved in developing the Competition.
All participants must be aged 18 or over and have a legal capacity.
Any individual wishing to take part in the Competition must fill in the entry form to provide the
Organiser with his/her first name, surname and valid email address.
2. Participant data
The information disclosed by participants in the context of the competition is strictly confidential and
for the exclusive usage of Saltee Skincare and Zannier Hotel Group in its quality of controller, in order
to provide them with Saltee Skincare’s and Zannier Hotel Groups services, and to inform them of the
brand’s special offers. To this purpose, it shall be kept for a period of 3 years from the last contact.
Zannier Hotels Privacy Policy:
Saltee Skincare Privacy Policy:
3. Validity of participation
The personal information and contact details provided by the participant must be valid and bona fide
at the risk of being excluded from the Competition and, if need be, of losing the status as the winner.
It is strictly forbidden, through whatever means, to modify or try to modify the offered provisions of
the Competition, in particular, in order to change the results or influence, through an automated or
unfair means, the validity of the drawing or the nomination of a winner. If it turns out that a participant
was drawn or apparently won a prize in breach of the present rules, through fraudulent means, such
as automated research or the use of an algorithm, or through other means than the ones resulting
from the process described by the Organiser of the Website or by these rules, the prize concerned will
not be awarded to him/her and will remain the property of the Organiser, without being prejudicial
to conditional proceedings to take action against the participant on behalf of the Organiser or a third
It is strictly forbidden for a participant to play with several email addresses as well as to play from an
opened player account for the benefit of another person. The same person, under the same last name,
first name, email address and place of residence, can open only one player account.
To enter the Competition and try his/her luck at winning, the participant must:
• Agree to competition rules
• Fill in the entry form and submit details
By confirming his/her registration, the participant becomes eligible to enter the draw and attempt to
win the prize described under Article 4 “Draw”.
1. Prize
One set of prizes will be awarded to one winner.
The Competition is made up of the following prize set:
• Two nights in a Paddy Field Villa at Zannier Hotels Bãi San Hô — including taxes, service
charge and breakfast for two people
• 1 years’ worth of Saltee products for 2 people (max 15 Saltee products/person)
2. Prize change
The Organiser reserves the right to replace any prizes with a prize of equivalent value (total estimated
value: £2,000), in particular, in the case that the initially planned prize is no longer available.
3. Zannier Hotels Terms and Condition for the prize:
• The winner will receive a voucher and will be able to book his/her stay by contacting
• Fixed time frame in which the stay has to be taken: August 1st 2021 – July 31st 2022
• Stay cannot be taken in the following peak periods: 20 Dec 2021 – 9 Jan 2022 and 31 Jan
2021 – 5 Feb 2022
• Stay can only be taken by the winner of the give-away and is thus non-transferrable to other
• Bookings are valid only between 01/08/2021 – 31/07/2022)
4. Saltee Skincare Terms and Conditions for the prize:
• The winner will be able to order their Saltee products by contacting
• The prize is equivalent of any 15 Saltee products which can be ordered at any time during
the one year period starting from the date of initial contact
• All stock is subject to availability
A winner can only be selected in the draw once.
Winners are selected by draw no later than 15.7.2021 via a random selection.
Winners will be selected once their eligibility for the relevant prize has been checked.
Participants selected by draw will be contacted by email by the Organiser at the email address
provided in the entry form. If the winning participant does not respond within 14 days of sending this
email, he/she will be deemed to have renounced his/her prize, which will remain the property of the
The winners’ first names and surnames can be acquired by sending a stamped envelope featuring the
address of the person requesting the information to the Organiser at the address below, in the month
following the draw: Zannier Hotels, Jozefplateaustraat 33, 9000 Ghent, Belgium
The Organiser may publish the winners’ surnames and prizes online or offline, without this giving
them any right other than the right to their designated prize.
Winners must comply with the rules. If a winner does not meet the criteria of these rules, he/she will
not be awarded his/her prize. The participants authorise their identity, age, postal code, loyalty and
sincerity in their participation to be verified. All false declarations, identity and address information
will lead to the immediate elimination of the participant and if need be, the refund of the prizes already
The images used on the Website, the represented objects, brands, mentioned commercial
denominations, graphic and computer elements and the databases composing the Website, are the
exclusive property of the respective holders and may not be extracted, reproduced or used without
the written permission of the latter, at the risk of civil and/or criminal proceedings.
Any resemblance of the contest’s characters or elements of the Competition with pre-existing fictional
characters or elements is purely accidental and cannot lead to the Organiser, or its providers, such as
the Operator of the Competition acting on behalf of the Organiser, being held liable.
The Organiser and its providers, such as the Operator of the Competition, acting on behalf of the
Organiser, would not be entitled to incur any liability if, in case of force majeure or independent events
out of their control or of justified need, they are led to cancel, shorten, defer, postpone, or modify the
conditions of the Competition, for which they cannot be held accountable. In all cases, the Organiser
reserves the right to extend the participation period. In particular, the Organiser and its providers
repudiate all responsibility in the event that Website is unavailable during the period of the
Competition or in the event of a malfunctioning of the automated drawing process, which would not
be attributed to them or in the event that the information provided by the participants is destroyed
for any reason, it would not be attributed to them.
There are no grounds in which the prizes can be the object of complaints of any kind, nor be
exchanged, or be the object of a cash payment upon the winner’s request. The winners agree not to
hold to the Organiser or its providers responsible with regards to the quality, features of a service
offered as a prize for the Competition where the Organiser is not the distributor, the producer or the