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Advent Giveaways

We’ve collected a list of top brands running some of the best 2021 Advent giveaways or 12 days of Christmas Giveaways. Check them out every day to win incredible prizes!

Christmas Giveaways

Click on the links below to enter:

SheerLuxe Digital Advent Calendar

Expect exciting giveaways from Elemis, Le Creuset, Big Mamma Group, Daylesford and more! ENDS 24th December


The 12 Days Of Greggsmas With Capital FM

You could win the daily Greggs Gift Card AND a chance to win a £1,000 Selfridges spending spree, travel and accommodation for four at a centrally located hotel and more  ENDS 24th December


Heart Radio Advent Giveaway

From a £500 Amazon voucher, to a day out with your family, come back every day to see if you’re one of our lucky winners. ENDS 24th December


Jet2 12 Days to Christmas

From 11 days in Turkey to a 5-star holiday, during the 12 days to Christmas, you can win a prize every day until Christmas Eve! 12 getaways are up for grabs. Fancy your chances? ENDS 24th December


Next Advent Competition

The countdown to Christmas has begun! Win £5,000 to spend at Next ENDS 24th December



Ascot are offering you the chance to win one of 24 amazing prizes with the Ascot Advent Calendar. ENDS 24th December


Bloom & Wild 12 Days of Giveaways

There’s something for everyone, from coffee connoisseurs to floral fanatics. ENDS 13th December


Barbour Christmas Competition 

Win a brand new prize every day! ENDS 18th December


Currys 12 days of Techmas

12 days, 12 top tech prizes, 12 chances to win. ENDS 13th December


Brightsun Travel Advent Giveaway

You could win a pair of worldwide flight tickets courtesy of Qatar Airways, a pair of return tickets to New York compliments of American Airlines and many more! ENDS 24th December


Great British Chefs Advent Calendar 2021

Click on today’s date to reveal a fabulous new prize! ENDS 24th December


Wembley Park Advent

Check back every day to find top prizes ENDS 24th December


L’Occitane Virtual Advent Calendar 

SELECT A DAY AND REVEAL YOUR SURPRISE. ENDS 24th December,83,1,83704,1703221.htm


Boots Photo Advent Calendar

There are 14 prize draws throughout the month of December for this Virtual Advent Calendar. ENDS 24th December





Petplan Advent calendar

They’re giving away a sleigh-load of prizes every day with the Petplan Advent calendar! ENDS 24th December



Try your luck at winning a present from a wide range of brilliant businesses over the run up to Christmas. ENDS 24th December


The Tourist Trail  Advent Calendar

Click on each door to see what amazing prize is hiding behind it! ENDS 24th December


Little Tikes Advent Competition

Behind each door on our advent calendar is a fantastic prize or offer ENDS 24th December –


Weird Fish Advent Competition

From delicious treats, Weird Fish clothing vouchers, homeware and more, they have a range of amazing gifts – ENDS 24th December


McDonald’s Reindeer Ready 2021

Countdown to Christmas with McDonalds ENDS 25th December


Bloss Advent Calendar

Enjoy the 25 Days of Christmas and you could be in for a chance of winning an amazing prize every day throughout December ENDS 24th December


Savers ’12 Days of Giftmas’ Giveaway!

Win a top prize in the Savers Advent Competition. ENDS 19th December


AO Advent Giveaways

Sitting behind the Advent windows are TVs, consoles, smart tech, and much more, merrily waiting to be won ENDS 20th December


Scalextric Advent Competition

Offers, freebies and competitions everyday until Christmas ENDS 24th December


Weber Advent Competition

Win incredible Weber prizes every single day! ENDS 24th December



Register now to win one of 12 special Whale Of A Time gifts, each worth over £100!  ENDS 12th December


Bunkered Advent Competition

Win a prize-a-day with this golfing Advent Calendar ENDS 24th December –


Forthglade Advent Competition

WIN big this festive season with Forthglades 12 days of Woofmas giveaway  ENDS 15th December


Easyfundraising Advent Competition

WIN £250 each day! Plus, one lucky cause will WIN £10,000 in donations on Christmas Day & a £1k John Lewis voucher for the lucky winner. ENDS 24th December


Canary Wharf advent Calendar Competition

Prizes have been gifted by many of your favourite Canary Wharf brands including Hawksmoor, MAC, Space NK,  The Ivy in the Park, Third Space and many more! Get ready to open the final door on Christmas Eve with an ultra-special money-can’t-buy gift! ENDS 24th December


Fairtrade Advent Competition

Win Fairtrade prizes everyday in the run up to Christmas. ENDS 24th December

Today’s Golfer Advent Calendar

Every day in the countdown to Christmas they’ll open the door to a new golf giveaway with thousands of pounds’ worth of golf prizes up for grabs. ENDS 24th December


If you have entered all of these top giveaways and want to find even more incredible prizes then head over to our home page of top competitions!


Expired Advent Giveaways


Fairfax and Favor Annual Advent Calendar 

Be the the winner of one of 12 special gifts, each worth over £1,000, for the first 12 days of December.


Crystal Ski Holidays SEASON COUNTDOWN

Crystal Ski Holidays  have got a sack-load of winter goodies up for grabs to celebrate.


ASK Italian Advent

Join in the 12 days of Christmas!


Planet Radio Advent Calendar

For the first 12 days of December they’re inviting you to open a door on their advent calendar to unlock exclusive discount codes, special festive offers, competitions & more!


George Foreman 12 Days of Christmas!

Celebrate the festive season with our countdown to Christmas, we’ll reveal a surprise everyday for 12 days of December.


F.Hinds 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway

Enter for your chance to win prizes every day!


Argos Advent Competition

Win smashing prizes everyday


Remington Advent Calendar

Celebrate the festive season with this countdown to Christmas, they’ll reveal a surprise everyday for 12 days of December.


Seabrook Crisps Advent Giveaways

Each day there’s a box of Seabrook Crisps up for grabs. You’ll also be entered into the grand prize draw to win a £250 Argos voucher in time for Christmas!


Russell Hobbs 12 Days Of Christmas

Celebrate the festive season with this countdown to Christmas, they’ll reveal a surprise everyday for 12 days of December.


FatFace Advent Competition

Enjoy the 12 days of gifting with FatFace and win great prizes


Camping and Caravan Club Christmas Advent Giveaways

Celebrate a fantastic camping season, we’re giving you the chance to win a prize every day for 12 days!

Scam copycat accounts on Instagram competitions

Social media can be both a blessing and a curse in every sense, including when it comes to competitions online. Scammers utilise various social media platforms to trick users into believing their legitimacy. This is also the case with free Instagram competitions. Let’s take a look at what scammers are doing and how you can spot this fraudulent behaviour.

How The Scam Surrounding Online Competitions Works

The biggest issue surrounding scammers and online competitions at the moment is how genuine, free competitions and giveaways are being targeted by fraudulent users on Instagram. Instagram is a highly popular and incredibly influential social media platform, so it isn’t hard to see how this has become a problem.

Scammers will impersonate genuine organisers of online competitions and set up identical accounts to trick users into believing they are the real deal. They will then make similar posts to the genuine competition accounts. The scammers will then contact those who have entered on the GENUINE post. Often they will send the Instagram user a DM and pretend that they have won the grand prize. Then they ask you to click on a link to provide your sensitive, personal information such as your banking or credit card details.

Although these accounts can be removed from Instagram if reported, it seems that more and more will keep cropping up to replace them. The scam seems to have increased tenfold as of late. This is likely due to the increase in online activity as a result of people working from home more as well as desperate people yearning to win a prize following the financial devastation caused by Covid19.

These people will often be financially vulnerable – again, exacerbated by the pandemic- and so it is essential that you report any suspicious Instagram accounts that you come across and do what you can to protect yourselves from these fraudsters.

How To Avoid Fraudsters When Entering Free Instagram Competitions

There are various ways that you can protect yourself online to ensure that you don’t get sucked in by these scammers. It’s easier than you might think to fall for their fraudulent plans! Here is what you can do to stay safe and avoid scams surrounding online competitions.

  • Make sure that if you see an account that seems suspicious; report it to Instagram straight away. Even if you’re not 100% sure it is a scam, Instagram can determine whether they are fraudulent users.
  • Don’t just double check the accounts of the online completion organisers that you use. Triple and quadruple check them! Only use them if you’re completely sure that they are legitimate. You could always message the organisers if you want to clarify anything or query their legitimacy.
  • NEVER click any links that are messaged to you via Instagram. These could be viruses that could irreparably damage your computer or device.
  • And finally, NEVER give your bank details or credit card information to anybody over Instagram. Legitimate competition organisers will never ask for this. If you were to win an online competition, the organisers would likely message you asking for details such as your address or your email. They will not want your financial information.

Well there you have it. This scam is doing the rounds on Instagram at the moment and a lot of people are getting caught out. Make sure that you protect yourself – as well as friends and family – when perusing competitions on Instagram.

Why Consistency is Key in Comping

Whether you are an experienced comper or you are new to the comping game, there is no doubt that the key to being successful in online competitions is consistency. It’s simple logic! The more you enter competitions, the more you increase your chances of winning some awesome prizes.

If you are new to the comping scene, the huge variety of competitions on offer. This is particularly the case with both online and social media competitions. It can be a little daunting and so you may find that you are more comfortable only entering one competition at a time. Of course, that is absolutely fine, especially if you consider yourself a casual comper. However, if you want to really increase your chances to win prizes then consistent comping is a necessity. After all who doesn’t want to win free stuff?

There are a few different tips that you can utilise when considering more consistent comping so let’s take a look.

Keep Your Eye On The Comping Prize

If you have a certain prize in mind when entering free competitions, then make sure you focus on it. This can be anything, from a games console to a holiday or even something simple like some luxury kitchenware, toiletries or food products.
Once you have your goal in mind, consistently enter the appropriate competitions. This will increase your chances of eventually obtaining that prize that you are aiming for!

Staying organised helps to keep on track of the comps that you have entered already. It also keeps you focused on the prizes you want to get your hands on. Regular comping can easily become overwhelming to keep track of, so remember to utilise those organisational skills!

Don’t Comp Alone to Win Prizes

Another great way to manage consistent comping is to not comp alone. If you find a group of friends to engage in comping with, you can manage the various online competitions that you enter together. If you find it hard to remember which ones you’ve entered, having friends who are also engaging can help you out.

To find some fellow compers with the same goal of winning free stuff, try checking our Instagram page.

Prepare Yourself

It’s important to prepare yourself for an influx of emails when you start consistently comping. Keep track of what online competitions you have signed up for otherwise things will get super confusing very quickly. Organise your email inbox accordingly to ensure that important details do not get lost. If you don’t keep things neat and tidy, you could end up losing track of an email with the details of your winnings! Consider creating a folder in your inbox specifically for the online competitions that you enter. Some people even have a separate email address – but you have to check this regularly.

Consistently Comping Will Aid You in Winning Free Competitions!

There are many ways to keep track of all the information when you start consistently comping but what you need to remember is that the more consistent you become, the more likely you are to win. Keep entering and you are sure to win prizes eventually! Why not explore our site for relevant competitions and to discover lots of functionality to help you stay ahead of the game.

How to tell if Online Competitions are Safe

You’d be forgiven if you’ve ever felt a little anxious or suspicious when entering online competitions. It is important to make sure you stay safe and secure when browsing and it’s no different to entering competitions. Take a look at how to differentiate whether Online Competitions are Safe or a scam and how to protect yourself.

Protect Your Personal Data

One of the most precious assets that can be taken from you is your personal data. If you are asked to sign up for a website that is not reputable and you use a password that is common across your logins, you are putting yourself at risk of an information breach from hackers, scammers and more. Simple ways to check if online competitions are safe is to spelling mistakes both in the details of the competition, also look carefully at the web address and make sure there are no spelling mistakes.

If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. This is a pretty good rule of thumb in most circumstances with online comps. Be wary if a competition offers something like holidays for free. When a website is suggesting that you can win prizes of this calibre with no strings attached, it’s likely to lack legitimacy. You can do your research to determine whether the website offering this kind of prize is fraudulent. Most brands that run big giveaways like this are huge household names you would recognise. If its a brand new website, brand or social media page offering a huge prize, its very likely to be a scam.

Many big named brands offer incredible giveaways, like radio shows, retailers and big publishers – if you are unsure, stick with brands you recognise and make sure you are on their main website.

Checking if Online Competitions are Safe

There are a few ways to check if a competition is legitimate if you’re having suspicions. There are various websites that offer a simple search system for companies so that you can check if the company advertising the prize draw is real. The government’s Companies House service allows you to look up any company you choose, so that is a helpful way to navigate your way through these competitions and separate the genuine from the fraudulent. However many brands operate under different trading names so this isn’t always fool proof and quite time consuming.

Alternatively, you can opt to search for the website directly to uncover its ranking online via Alexa – if it is “unranked” then its likely to be a new website which may indicate it isn’t genuine.

Another good thing to check is the terms and conditions. Every giveaway should have thorough T&C’s – if there aren’t any this is a clear warning sign. A genuine company running a competition will at least have terms that state entry requirements and closing date.

The Verdict on Safety in Online Competitions

There are always going to be scammers out there looking to take your money and your personal details but there are also tons of genuine online competitions out there. Don’t let scammers put you off this amazing and lucrative hobby! The key is to be smart, safe and utilise the above resources to ensure that you maintain that safety. Trust your instincts and never enter card details or provide payment information even if you are told you’ve won.

At Competition Finder we independently verify every giveaway that is listed on our website. So you can safely enter various safe and free competition from amazing brands in our database of online giveaways.

The best ways to enter competitions and where can I enter online competitions?

There are incredible online competitions out there, with the potential to win life-changing prizes such as cash, cars and holidays. Other competitions are smaller with prizes of all types, such as books, jewellery, chocolate and other consumables. The trick is knowing which competitions to enter that you would be most likely to win.

Online competitions to win prizes

An important point to accept before starting on your competition journey is that you won’t always win. This may seem obvious but it is vital to manage your expectations. Competitions can be fun to enter and so exciting if you do win but winning cannot be guaranteed.

Free competitions are ideal. Proceed with caution if considering a competition where you are required to pay a fee to enter. If you enjoy entering online competitions, that’s great but always remember to only enter those with prizes you actually want.

In general online competitions through websites can have bigger prizes. These are the ones to focus on if you are looking for big wins. However, be aware they also tend to be more popular so the possibility that you will win free stuff is smaller.

Social media competitions

Another avenue to explore to win prizes online is social media. There are many free competitions available on channels such as our Instagram page. The prizes tend to be smaller but there are often fewer entries. It is sometimes possible to see how many entries from the likes, for example, so can assess your own chances of winning.

Another advantage to social media competitions is the speed. They normally require less information than website competitions. Often they just require a like or comment on the post to enter whereas online competitions normally need some personal information so they can contact you if you win.

Whether it’s a website or social media competition, if it requires more work then there will probably be fewer entries. For example, if the competition asks for a poem or photo, less people will submit entries. If it is a prize you would love, then consider doing a bit more work for a better chance to win.

Some brands will often run competitions on their social media channels. If there is a particular product you like then make sure you follow them and keep checking.

Maximise your chances to win free competitions

There are lots of websites and tools online to assist you in your quest to win free stuff. Some websites collate lists of competitions, including help with any questions that need answering. There are also tools to help speed up entering your details if you are entering lots of competitions.

There are even tools to help complete tiebreakers or solve anagrams. This can be a huge help if you find yourself entering those competitions that require a little more work.

Entering competitions to win prizes online can be a really fun hobby. It is especially fun if you win but make sure you enjoy it anyway. Get entering and good luck! Find all the best Online competitions and Social media competitions with Competition Finder.

Make your summer better and win free things you want

Do you know what we love most about seeing the signs of spring everywhere here at Competition Finder? The fact that it means that summer is just around the corner! Summer with longer days, warmer weather, and glorious sunshine (well hopefully). Summer is a chance to throw open the windows, get outside and enjoy natural spaces without having to wear wellies and a big coat! Not quite ready for summer yet? Don’t worry, you can have plenty of chances to win free things for all those finishing touches, family treats, and summer essentials right here at

Win free things for your summer!

Let’s face it, we all deserve a great summer after the last one we had. So your budget doesn’t stretch to a garden makeover or a five-star family holiday this year? No problem. You can make your summer even more special by entering our free competitions to win everything you might need. Most of the competitions listed on our website are completely free to enter and so you can enter as many as you’d like.

Absolutely free competitions.

Yes that’s right most competitions listed on our website is 100% free to enter and registration costs nothing. Plus registration usually takes less than a minute. After all, you can’t win if you don’t enter!

Win prizes online anywhere.

Be in with a chance to win some fabulous prizes no matter where you’re enjoying the sun with our easy-to-use website. All you need is an internet connection and you can enter. Whether you’re playing with the kids in the park, strolling around town on your break, or dining al fresco, you’re just a few clicks away from a chance to win some amazing prizes.

What you could win when you enter competitions through Competition Finder?

We list so many amazing new competitions every day it would take us all summer just to tell you everything!

Here’s a taster. We have:

Holidays to the UK and abroad.
– Fabulous cash prizes.
– Luxury hampers, top-flight designer goods, and beauty products.
– Cutting-edge technology and smart home gadgets.
– Eco brands, educational toys, and children’s favourites.
– Flowers, wine, chocolates, and gifts.
– Pet treats and animal pamper products.
Cars, Caravans, and even holiday homes!

The list goes on and on. There really is something to make everyone’s summer go with a swing.

Win prizes for summer and all year round.

Before scouring the shops or the online flash sales for a last-minute break or some relaxing garden furniture why not see if you can win it for free instead. Have a quick scroll through our competition categories to see what catches your eye. Already know exactly what you want? Use our search function to find the perfect competition for you. Can’t quite find it? Pop back and check tomorrow, we may have added just what you’re looking for. Or sign up to our newsletter for the best UK competitions straight to your inbox. Once you’ve found it, simply fill out the entry form, cross your fingers and wait.

Good luck!

Win a house competitions

You may be someone who enters the occasional competition on a whim or when they have time. Or you may classify yourself as a ‘comper’ – someone who considers entering competitions as a regular hobby. Regardless, it goes without saying that the reason people enter competitions is to win and, generally, the bigger the prize the better. And can you think of a much bigger prize than to win a house?

Whether you currently own your own home or think that the possibility of actually owning a house is just a distant dream, who wouldn’t love to win a house? An area of competitions which is growing, here we take a look at house competitions in more detail.

Online competitions to win a house

You may have seen reports of house competitions in the newspapers, but have you actually come across or even entered online competitions to win a house yourself? You may be wondering if the competitions are real and how they work.

Of course with any competition it makes sense to check terms and do a little due diligence but you should also be aware that UK property raffles have to comply with the UK Gambling Commission regulations or they can be shut down.

Competitions can range from the opportunity to win a 3-bed terrace to a chance to win a luxury apartment in London or even a villa complete with its own pool in Tuscany.

How competitions to win a house work

The first thing to realise is that competitions to win a house are unlikely to be free to enter easily. Instead they work on the basis of a raffle. It started with one entrepreneurial homeowner who decided it would be a great way to sell their house. They sold raffle tickets and one lucky winner got the house. Others have continued on the same principle. If you dig deep enough in the terms and conditions, there should always be a free route of entry, often by post.

Sometimes a house isn’t won but there is always a prize. If a house isn’t won this will be because there weren’t enough raffle tickets sold. In that case, it is usual that there will be a significant cash prize instead. This will all be noted in the competition rules and terms.

Could you be the next person to win a house?

As much as winning a house sounds too good to be true, it really does happen. Earlier this year a woman won a farmhouse in Shropshire worth over half a million pounds with an investment of just £2 for the raffle ticket.

As the saying goes, you have to be in it to win it, but bear in mind that even if you win the prize of a house may be replaced by a cash prize. This can happen if the requisite number of tickets haven’t been sold by the time the competition closes. However, as the cash prizes tend to be quite significant this can still represent an extremely good return on the cost of your raffle ticket.

As with any competitions where you have to pay to enter, you should take care not to get carried away with buying too many tickets. Your odds of winning the house are unlikely to increase significantly if you buy five tickets, rather than one. It is best to look upon it as a bit of fun that may bring with it the possibility of a wonderful prize.

Our Favourite House Competitions


WIN a Million Pound House Competition by: Omaze


Win a House – 62 ALEXANDER STREET Competition by: Drawahouse


Painter’s Keep WIN A £1.15m HOME IN WEST SUSSEX Competition by: DreamHome Prize Draw


Win a A £750,000 home Competition by: Raffle House

Don’t Stop Entering Giveaways!

Comping, or the practice of entering competitions as a hobby, can be great fun. It’s possible to become totally absorbed in entering giveaways, especially if it is a new hobby. Like most things new, in the early days it is exciting and the possibilities seem endless.

However, as with any new hobby, life can get in the way and suddenly you realise that your competitions habit has lapsed. You tell yourself that you will get back to it soon and that it won’t make any difference to your chances of winning a prize. But here’s the thing – it will!

The Secret to Becoming A Winner is Entering Giveaways Regularly

The secret to being a successful competition winner is that you have to show up regularly. Almost all big or regular competition winners enter consistently. As the saying goes, you’ve got to be in it to win it.

Obviously there are things in life which have to take precedence over comping. Families need to be cared for, work needs to be completed and we need to maintain contact with our nearest and dearest, amongst other things. However, the advantage with a comping hobby is that it is so easy to fit in around our busy daily lives. Follow our quick guide to keep regular comping easy and increase your chance to win.

Easily Increase Your Chances to Win Free Stuff

1. Make it as easy as possible to enter competitions. At work our employers consistently go on efficiency drives because they know that doing things in a better way not only saves them money, but also saves them time. Don’t waste time trawling websites endlessly to see if various brands have competitions running. Instead look for competitions that will interest you on Competition Finder where you can access lots of competitions in one place.

2. Use your mobile phone’s web browser to access the competition site so that you can enter competitions at odd moments such as when you are making a cup of tea or waiting for a bus instead of having to be at your computer or laptop. Competitions are very easy to access and enter from most mobile phones.

3. Use auto-completion. Did you know there are lots of apps on the market which you can use to auto-complete competition forms? You may, of course, not want the app to hold anything too personal, but even being able to one-click your email address instead of typing it in over and over again can save a surprising amount of time. There are also settings within your phone and on Google Chrome that allows this to be saved and means you can enter most competitions in seconds!

4.Target how many competitions you would like to enter in a week. As with anything, if you set a schedule and a plan, suddenly it’s easy to do and you almost don’t notice it because it fits seamlessly into your life. Perhaps you take the bus to work. You could easily plan to enter maybe five competitions a day on your morning commute. Perhaps you regularly have a few minutes spare between meetings, or waiting for your children. You could even be entering giveaways before your favourite television programme starts or in ad breaks. Five minutes is easily enough to enter a competition, or maybe even two. It is all worthwhile when you might win a holiday, car or household items you need!

Remember, big prize winners or those that regularly win competitions will usually have one important thing in common. They enter competitions regularly and consistently. Who knows? If you do the same, you may just scoop that dream prize!

Keep Your Data Safe when Entering Competitions Online

Many of us enter the occasional competition. Whether that is to support a local good cause or simply because one of our favourite brands is offering the chance to get our hands on their latest offering for free. Increasingly, people are entering competitions online on a regular basis as a hobby. Hoping to tie in an enjoyable way to pass their spare time with a potential win. This hobby can end up giving you items you might never have been able to afford or experiences that money can’t buy!

If the competitions you enter are from reputable sites, you should have reasonable confidence about how your data will be managed when you enter. These types of organisations know that they have to comply with GDPR requirements and will have put in place measures to safeguard your personal data.

Sadly, there are some unscrupulous people out there. Some use competitions to trawl for personal data that they may then use for less than welcome purposes. Here we look at how to keep your data safe when entering online competitions.

Consider the information you provide

Quite often, the only information you will be asked to provide will be your name and your email address. This is reasonable and probably the bare minimum a competition provider would need. Occasionally, you may need to provide additional information. This may be entirely reasonable, but it makes sense to question if it is necessary for the competition.

If you are asked for information that is not required for the prize, especially personal information, it would be advisable to be wary and check the provider further. Also check any tick boxes that you aren’t unknowingly agreeing for your data to be passed around.

Check the website when Entering Competitions Online

A secure website should start with https and show the padlock sign. If it does not, the information you enter may be at risk.

The website will also likely contain information about the competition provider’s business. For example, if an airline is offering a holiday as a prize, you would expect to be able to navigate the site to search for and purchase a flight. If something doesn’t seem normal, it makes sense to be cautious.

There are also websites out there which have genuine prizes but their core focus is collecting data to sell on. You can find out more about these on our list of websites to avoid.

Have a separate email to enter competitions

Quite often we enter competitions on impulse and will just provide our usual email address to the competition provider. On the face of it, why not? They will need to contact you if you win so it makes sense that they need your email address.

In rare cases, a competition may be set up to phish for passwords, allowing a potential hacker to then access your email. If the only email address you give away for competitions is one that has no other purpose, you will limit the information that will be available to a hacker considerably.

Find and enter competitions today with Competition Finder.

Continue To Be A Comper After Lockdown

There’s no denying that lockdown has meant changes for everyone. Whether you have been one of the key workers venturing out on quiet streets to help support the nation, or whether you have been one of those keeping safe at home, we have all experienced a period like no other before. We are now entering a new phase as lockdown has starting to be lifted. Although many must still keep themselves and their loved ones shielded, some children are going back to school, various businesses are reopening and there is a feeling that maybe, we have turned a corner. Many of us have found ourselves entering online competitions during this period and here’s why you should continue to be a “comper” after lockdown!

A New or Old Comper

The number of people who count themselves as a comper, or those who enter competitions as a hobby, has grown through the recent period. Whilst those who used to comp once in a while found time to make it a regular pastime, others only recently discovered how rewarding and exciting comping can be during lockdown. At Competition Finder we have seen an over 250% increase in the number of people entering competitions during UK lockdown.

Regardless as to whether you are new to comping or not, you may now be wondering whether you will continue to comp as much, or even at all, as life starts to revert back to some sort of normal. There’s a really good reasons why you should!

More Free Competitions

It has been a really tough time for businesses. We have seen household names who were just about managing to keep their heads above water falter and fall during the recent lockdown. It’s not surprising that we have also seen small and medium-sized businesses struggle too.

With retail reopening and lockdown easing, businesses are starting to work out what their new normal will look like. They will all be keen to ensure that they retain, or increase, their slice of whatever market is available.

One way in which businesses, including retail, will signal that they are up and running will be through free competitions. What better way to attract customers, old and new, to your product or service? Running competitions for businesses can be a relatively cheap marketing strategy to gain brand awareness and new customers.

More Prizes and More Variety

With the retail sector having to examine how and indeed whether it can operate safely from various types of premises, there is increased reliance on online trading for all types of retail. Retailers are aware that some customers have been buying online because they had no other choice but some prefer to visit a physical store if they can. Because of this, retailers are looking at how best to attract and retain online custom.

One way in which retailers are seeking to retain online custom is to hold competitions on their websites. To win the battle to attract and retain customers, they must first ensure that the potential customers are directed to their website. What better way to do that than to advertise a competition with a great prize? The theory goes that once you are on the website, you may take a look around and spot something you fancy. Who knows? You might indeed! We know many compers choose to shop with brands who regularly run competitions as they become familiar with their products over time.

Competitions for Every Comper

You may have decided you want or need a new wardrobe. Perhaps you need a decent pair of running shoes to go with your new jogging hobby. Maybe you simply want to indulge the interior design fantasies you have been having since seeing a lot more of your own four walls than previously. Whatever your whim, there will be a competition with a prize that suits.

With more brands now being back up and running we are seeing more amazing competitions every day. Now since the travel restrictions have started to be lifted we have also seen a huge increase in holiday competitions 

Whether you think of yourself as an avid comper or not, find and enter hundreds of amazing free prize draws on Competition Finder today!

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